When You Think, Think YouTube!

On the 3rd of March 2017, YouTube, the popular video-sharing website, gathered some of Nigeria’s top content creators, social media influencers,  and leading digital marketing agencies to discuss the impact of content marketing strategies using videos at the YouTube Brand summit. The theme of the event was ”Think YouTuber’’.  As we promised after Social Media Week, we the Matchmakers were live at the event.

The event which took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Ikeja had several prominent speakers and popular YouTube content creators who spoke about their journey so far while using the platform.

An interactive one-on-one session was held where guests had the opportunity to chat with the speakers.

Here are few of the things we took home from the event we’d love to share with you:

  • Before you make a video, create a content plan to ensure your content meets your brand goals and your intended audience.
  • Choosing how you’ll engage your audience will help you define your core message and tone. Your messages should: Inspire the audience with emotional and relatable stories; educate the audience with useful information; or entertain the audience by surprising them, making them laugh by sharing spectacular content.
  • Decide how to generate the content and then how to structure it. A brand can generate its own made-for-YouTube content, collaborate with YouTube creators, or become a creator  itself with an “always on” approach
  • For an “always on” approach, build a channel calendar to map your content strategy over the year and remember the editorial framework Hero(Large-scale, Big budget awareness), Hub (Regular “push” content) and Help (Always on “Pull” content).
  • The key to success on YouTube is not only to produce great, relevant videos, but also to make sure your target audience sees them via effective promotion and optimization of your content on YouTube.
  • The power of YouTube creators comes from a diversity of voices and style and is amplified by deep connections with their loyal audiences. YouTube creators are natural marketers and there is a huge opportunity for brands to become a part of the moments and stories that YouTube creators share with their viewers every day.
  • Measurement is key, both for defining success and optimizing towards it. Most brands find it useful to select awareness and response
  • Just like the Content Creators, many other people are regularly improving their competencies and learning skills via YouTube while earning money from these skills. Little wonder why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

It’s Important to know that brands need’s to start suggesting YouTube to their prospective clients. So start thinking YouTube people!