Dear SMEs




The above words are often the basis of every content discussion as it pertains to promoting a business’ reach and awareness online. Compelling content is what drives the engagement, the traffic, the clicks, and definitely the money. 

The question, ‘How do I make more money from my social media?’ is often directly proportional to, ‘How do I create compelling content for my social media?’

In creating compelling content that will promote your brand awareness and give you qualified leads for your business, you need to take into account the key elements of content creation which we will be discussing below.

First of all, your content has to be targeted towards the kind of following you have so as to get them to react to the content in the first place. You will be shooting yourself in the leg if millennials are your followers while your tone tilts towards the baby boomers. You have to speak the language of your audience. Speak to their desires, their pain points and their ambitions. 

Another important factor is the quality of the visuals accompanying your posts. If your images, infographics, or videos are of low quality, the probability that it will get lost in the myriad of content on social media is quite high. Nobody wants to waste their time staring at a visual, struggling to decode it. Therefore, to avoid the scroll-up syndrome for your posts, create quality visuals.

In the same vein, quit posting average content as average does not cut it anymore. Your content has to be interesting. You can work around subjects that ask your audience for their opinion, their choice or lifestyle such as opinion polls, trending issues and puzzles. Certain topics are peculiar to certain groups of people and this is why it is equally important to check your page’s insights, understand the type of people who follow you and research the type of content that would work for them.

Creating content and publishing it can be a bit difficult and that is why we would advise that you schedule your posts weekly to avail you time to prepare ahead and creatively tweak your content if the need arises.

And if writing is not your forte, hire the services of a digital content creator.

That’s it!

 Now you can start creating compelling content and making that money!