The Influencers Only Wall in LA

In a world where we are constantly having FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), a mural in LA have decided to step up the thirst game. Being an influencer is somewhat difficult, and if you are, one needs to find their niche then master several important factors, from your outfits, to your hashtags, to your “candid” selfie settings. So, it’s obvious that at some point, someone would turn Instagram backdrops into a luxury only the Insta-famous can get their hands on.

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There’s now a mural in LA that only allows verified social media stars with a following of over 20,000 to be photographed in front of it. Found on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, the wall is hidden by a white sheet and protected by security guards. Ya know, in case any of us mere mortals felt like trying our luck.

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The mural itself is of a heart adorned with a set of wings, decorated with “City of Angels,” “love,” and “art.” and of course a verified hashtag on it. What is your opinion on this? Are you worthy or eligible to have your picture taken here? do you find a need for this?

Source: Vice

By Joke Adegoke on