Understanding & Defining Your Target Market

Targeting can be defined as being able to clearly define your audience; Targeting allows brands focus their spend and brand message (content) on a specific market by narrowing down the audience and defining those people who are most likely to buy. The goal is to craft a message which is relevant to our clients. It is about reaching the right customers, with the right message, at the right time! Targeting is very important when creating your digital marketing strategy.

So here are 10 easy steps we outlined to help you know your target audience and understand your customers better.

Challenge your assumptions

Do not assume that you know who your target audience is; sometimes you might have ignored certain target groups so you need to research and do proper analysis before you select your target market.

Learn from others:

keep Researching. Read up case studies and examples by marketers, recent industry reports, general market research and more, read as much as you can as all this information will help you along the way.

  Create a Persona for customers:

After collecting enough objective data, start creating a customer persona that includes characteristics like age, sex, education, and  income  (basically look into Demographics). You also need to include factors like temperament, sensitivity, attitudes, values, opinions and more (they all fall under the segmentation tool called Psychographics).

Conduct Quantitative surveys:

Quantitative surveys will help to back up all your initial assumptions. It will help you understand your audience’s habits and more. The surveys should be done on a large scale and most of the questions asked should be in a multiple choice format.

Conduct Qualitative surveys:

Qualitative research will give you a more detailed insight on your audience as it is done on a smaller scale.  It targets a small sample of audience members and it involves using open-ended questions in a bid to get longer responses that can be interpreted.

Learn from your Competitors:

A lot of your competitors have already done their market research, to observe and learn from them.  Pay attention to how they advertise to their customers

Look to Popular brands/products:

Find out about products/services that are unrelated to your industry that your target audience loves. After doing this look into how these brands position themselves, pay attention to the type of content they put out, their adverts, marketing strategies and more.

 Pay attention to social conversations:

Customers say a lot online about products and brands so you need to be social media savvy, use social listening software’s to zero in on what customers are saying online or work closely with a digital marketing agency to help build an online community for your brand.

Examine interactions with your brand:

Use Google analytics and other tools to help examine user behavior and interactions with your brand and website.

  Have room for growth:

It’s impossible for any brand to say that they have a perfect understanding of their target audience as the market keeps evolving and growing so be prepared for change but always strive to understand your audience as they will make or mar your brand.

It’s important to note that none of these steps work independently. Keep collecting information from other sources and use them collectively to create a comprehensive analysis of who your target audience is.


A growing number of Nigerian businesses and digital marketing agencies use Instagram for community engagement and marketing. Presently, there are over 5 million registered Nigerian accounts on Instagram and the social media platform is expected to soon reach unprecedented adoption rates.

One of the major factors that have hugely contributed to Instagram’s success is that the social media platform is able to adapt and introduce new features every now and then. These innovations have been largely successful. Just a few days ago Instagram introduced a new feature that has grabbed the attention of brands and agencies. The feature lets a user stream live Instagram broadcasts with a friend in split-screen mode!

This is assuredly an engaging idea—live videos are one of the best ways businesses interact authentically with their followers. Even better, with the new split-screen feature businesses can “Go Live With”:

Ambassadors / Influencers:

      • Digital Ad Agencies and Brands will be able to use ambassadors and influencers’ deep and thorough understanding of audiences to their advantage. This will allow both influencers and brands to engage with their audiences on a shared live broadcast to followers.


  • The new feature presents a new way for brands to leverage on the growing trend of live streaming to engage with their fans on shared-screen.


  • Provide better storytelling about offline events by broadcasting different camera angles about an object or activity from one or more locations.



These 3 ideas on how to leverage Instagram “Go Live With” are just the start. I am certain that you can find another few practices that you can use this new feature for your content marketing and community engagement strategy.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Instagram “Go Live With” and how you will approach this latest update.


Guest Post by:

Henry Igwe

Digital Marketing Professional



6 Key Factors that Influence Website Ranking

Achieving high ranking for your business website on the Google Search Engine’s result page can be the missing link to your business success. According to WordStream report in 2016, about 72% of consumers who did an online local search visited a store within five miles.

To benefit from the opportunities of Search Engine Marketing, businesses must work towards optimizing their search engine presence. They must consider certain factors which determine how web pages and contents are ranked. Some of these factors can be complex and dynamic. Consequently, search engine optimization is better left to professionals who devote their lives tracking and learning about the patterns and changes. However, there are basic practices that have remained through the years.

As one of the best SEO companies in Nigeria, our aim is to show you the most important factors you should pay attention to if you want to improve your website’s ranking.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Ensure Google Analytics and Search Console is setup as soon as your website goes live and ready for the users to visit. These two tools are offered by Google to help you sort out issues related to your website, monitor traffic and see keyword rankings among so many other things. Fortunately, these two tools are free. The biggest advantage of installing these tools right from the start is you get all the information you need from the onset.

Search Engines Crawling, Indexing & Ranking

Your website may not get indexed by search engines in its early days.  In that case, you might need to manually get your website indexed. The reason is to make sure that all important search engines know about your website’s existence. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are few of the search engines out there. There are hundreds of search engines you can submit your website too. The more the number of submissions, the greater your traffic would be. Therefore, do not consider any search unimportant. However, make sure you do not submit your website to spamming websites.

Valuable Keywords:

keyword is fundamental to SEO. Keywords are the phrases people use when searching for information relating to your business, products, and services online. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the way you would describe your business is the same way your customers search for you online. For example, someone trying to buy a shirt online might start their search using the phrase “clothing stores”. Therefore, when you’re trying to get the keyword phrase to use on your website, it is important that you seek to understand how users find your website.

Original and Unique Content:

Content is still King. Search engines exist for the major purpose of bringing relevant information to the people who need them. If you have a website that lacks good content then you have little or no chance of getting visibility on search engines. Your content can be in different forms e.g. video, image, audio, and text. Getting good content is easy. You need to make sure that whatever information exists on your website is relevant to your niche and what your customers might find useful. With Google’s various updates the focus is on quality and unique contents as the only way to get more visibility on the web.

Quality Links:

Links are still valuable to websites ranking. Links are like references to your website. Google’s algorithm was built around links. The more links you have, the higher you see your website gets displayed on Google search results.

While getting more links is crucial, the types of links you get are important. You want to get links that are relevant to your niche and from authority websites. Getting links from authority websites will shoot your ranking to the top very fast.

Website Usability:

The experience of your users when they use your website is of importance to Google. Website usability refers to the ease with which people can use a website in order to achieve their goal. The idea of a website is for people who are interested in what you have to offer or say; not machines. Google measures such things like your bounce rate, the number of broken links on your website, your website page speed and mobile compatibility. All these combined together will determine how easy it is for your users to make use of your website.


Achieving good ranking is a slow but easy method if done properly. The benefits to your business are invaluable.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It involves intelligent mix of strategies and tactics in an ever changing field.

Our SEO experts are here to help you get your website to the first-page. Get in touch with us today.

The office Ms Fix-it (aka Admin)

An admin department is definitely a necessity. Someone has to keep fixing stuff so work can get done. So, on a typical work day, I am wondering what’s gone broke, how many people are competing for our dear old pool car and driver, who needs a bigger space for a presentation, how many birthday cakes to order for the week or why the internet is so slow!


The above are just a few of the things I have to contend with on an ongoing basis but guess what? I absolutely love what I do. It’s great knowing that every day I come to work, for every time I carry out any of the above tasks and more. I make a huge difference in the success of each and every employee. It is surely a glorious feeling to be considered a valued resource and go-to person for the organization. And I am not ready to let anyone down, not yet, not ever!


Now, don’t blame me if sometimes I act like the office ‘chief whip’ (and don’t you dare call it ‘bull..ing’, a few similarities maybe but still not the same thing). You know, working closely with HR means I have to keep an eye on the processes and procedures. It is the reason why one of my biggest strengths is multitasking. I wouldn’t survive a day at work if I didn’t feel like I got an extra pair of limbs.


But then, it ain’t always that easy getting things done. Battling with unclear communication is a huge challenge as it adds unnecessary hours to the already constrained time I have. What about the constant lastminute.com?! Argh! You could have made that request a couple hours earlier so I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken! Never mind. I still got a problem to solve and solve it I will. However, working magic with limited resources on a regular basis takes the cake. I think by now, someone should have solved that perennial management problem of demands forever exceeding available resources. Nonetheless, this is one aspect of my job that keeps my creative juices flowing. I keep discovering every day, the amazing truth that one could do so much with so little. I have to confess that I get swollen headed and usually give myself a well-deserved pat on the back, anytime I am rewarded with a smile from a satisfied customer!


So, you will agree with me that no matter how small a business is, an admin department is definitely a necessity. Someone has to keep fixing stuff so work can get done with minimal distractions. Or don’t you agree?

When You Think, Think YouTube!

On the 3rd of March 2017, YouTube, the popular video-sharing website, gathered some of Nigeria’s top content creators, social media influencers,  and leading digital marketing agencies to discuss the impact of content marketing strategies using videos at the YouTube Brand summit. The theme of the event was ”Think YouTuber’’.  As we promised after Social Media Week, we the Matchmakers were live at the event.

The event which took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Ikeja had several prominent speakers and popular YouTube content creators who spoke about their journey so far while using the platform.

An interactive one-on-one session was held where guests had the opportunity to chat with the speakers.

Here are few of the things we took home from the event we’d love to share with you:

  • Before you make a video, create a content plan to ensure your content meets your brand goals and your intended audience.
  • Choosing how you’ll engage your audience will help you define your core message and tone. Your messages should: Inspire the audience with emotional and relatable stories; educate the audience with useful information; or entertain the audience by surprising them, making them laugh by sharing spectacular content.
  • Decide how to generate the content and then how to structure it. A brand can generate its own made-for-YouTube content, collaborate with YouTube creators, or become a creator  itself with an “always on” approach
  • For an “always on” approach, build a channel calendar to map your content strategy over the year and remember the editorial framework Hero(Large-scale, Big budget awareness), Hub (Regular “push” content) and Help (Always on “Pull” content).
  • The key to success on YouTube is not only to produce great, relevant videos, but also to make sure your target audience sees them via effective promotion and optimization of your content on YouTube.
  • The power of YouTube creators comes from a diversity of voices and style and is amplified by deep connections with their loyal audiences. YouTube creators are natural marketers and there is a huge opportunity for brands to become a part of the moments and stories that YouTube creators share with their viewers every day.
  • Measurement is key, both for defining success and optimizing towards it. Most brands find it useful to select awareness and response
  • Just like the Content Creators, many other people are regularly improving their competencies and learning skills via YouTube while earning money from these skills. Little wonder why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

It’s Important to know that brands need’s to start suggesting YouTube to their prospective clients. So start thinking YouTube people!