The Magic In Music

About 4.30pm one sunny afternoon, I felt my usual itch to listen to As I hummed my way through a plethora of songs, I realized each song made me feel a certain way and communicated differently, my inner most thoughts.

So many times, we hear music is universal, but what does it really mean?

How diverse is music in relation to personalities?

Is there a reason why some prefer a certain genre over another?

What’s the relationship between music and moods?

I thought it would be nice to find out how different people relate to music and decided to ask a few colleagues. Here’s what they had to say:

Music is my soul mate – Joke

Music is life, it’s happiness and madness – Ade

I’d rather be in prison with music than be free without it. – Mr. Samson

Music is the key to unleashing the unknown me – Henry

Music keeps me alive – Babatunde

Music is my master pill – Blessing

Music is an escape because it takes me to a different era – Tola.

Music is a connection, it takes you somewhere. It’s a synergy of sounds when you get chills – Tayo

Music is an escape because I start to imagine things and relax – Lilian

Going from the responses above, every single person related music to how it made them feel.

For me, I’ll say music is a personal expression that inspires a thought or action. Your choice of music reflects who you are, your lows and highs. Music colors the soul, giving life to our thoughts and feelings.

It breathes life to buried feelings or situations; it heals broken souls and elevates moods. It creates a sense of belonging, where one can connect the singer and lyrics to personal situations.

What is music to you?



Saturday 21st of January was the day of Slay. She Leads Africa (SLA), a community designed to encourage and support young women across Africa organised a one-day event tagged “ The Slay Festival ”.

The Slay Festival was a one-day celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation and overall awesomeness. The  Slay festival was well attended by hundreds of young women who came in to have a nice time and learn from industry leaders and mentors. Without a doubt, we The Matchmakers were in attendance at the event with our beautiful ladies who returned with a bunch of exciting stories.



The interactive sessions were anchored by industry leaders like Toke Mankiwa, Arese Ugwu, Zainab Balogun, MI Abaga, Adebola Williams, Audu Maikori and a host of others. These sessions afforded the audience opportunities to direct questions at the thought leaders and get impactful answers. We the Interactive CT ladies were particularly impressed with Arese Ugwu and ended up buying her book with her autograph to go with it.



Yes, we were definitely looking forward to the food and there was a lot of it. Our highlights were the ‘So Yummy’ popcorn stand; the Maggi rice we got to eat for free and the amazingly sinful smoothie we had (sadly we can’t remember the name of the vendor).



There were a lot of vendors with amazing things for sale and we had to control our purses to avoid leaving broke. We visited the Alara art stand and saw some amazing artistic photography; then there was Sassy fashion house where one of us purchased a cute off-shoulder dress; and  many more.

At Interactive CT, all play and no work doesn’t pay, so some of us visited the SME business advisors for some good old (and free) entrepreneurial consultation.




The Live performance by Hallelujah Crooner, Funbi, was a high point for the Interactive CT girls and we swooned shamelessly as he performed.


The event was held at the running shed of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. Although there was ample space for all the activities, the occasional gust of wind left everyone with sand in their eyes and dusty feet, with attendees wishing for a more suitable venue for the event. Nevertheless, it didn’t dampen the spirit at the event. It was a never-ending lively and cheerful atmosphere.

The Slay festival was an amazing experience for us at Interactive CT. We got to learn and have fun at the same time. We hope see more events of this nature as the year goes by.






Happy New Year Folks… We Made it!

Happy New year Folks! If you’re reading this, then you made it to 2017 and that’s a cause for celebration. I’m sure you are excited to see what 2017 has in store for you. So are we!

This is why we put together these awesome quotes to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the year.

-“It doesn’t matter where you came from.  All that matters is where you are going.”- Brian Tracy

-“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.”- Tim Ferriss

-“You can develop any habit or thought or behavior that you consider desirable or necessary.” -Brian Tracy

-“We become what we think about.” -Earl Nightingale

-“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”- Brian Tracy

-“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – Chinese Proverb

New Year’s most glorious light is sweet hope! –  Mehmet Murat ildan

-“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” – W. P. Kinsella

-“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. Melody Beattie

-“Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear.” – Brian Tracy

So, raise your shoulders high, take a deep breath, chest out and achieve all your goals for 2017.

Cheers!  And Happy New Year Once More




Merry Christmas From The MatchMakers

Merry Christmas to you all! It’s Christmas and we’re excited! It’s the time to be reflective and thankful for all the good things we experienced throughout the year. We the Matchmakers wish you our partners, friends, and followers an amazing holiday. Meanwhile, here’s our Christmas inspired photoshoot to show you how much we love and value our never ending relationship. Don’t forget to tweet, tag and mention us in your all fun activities this holiday.

Merry Christmas from the triplet

Merry christmas, good kisses



We look forward in working with you next year! Merry Christmas!

Social Media Hacks for a Memorable Holiday

Did you know you can increase your social media net worth this holiday with the following social media hacks?

The Christmas Holidays is a great time to kick back, get time off work and spend time with loved ones( and social media *wink*).  At Interactive CT, we understand the value of communicating and networking which is why we are sharing these awesome ways to increase your social media net worth this holiday:

Have a “Holidays” Group Chat
: Being in a group chat with your awesome friends ensures you don’t get bored. You can plan fun activities days ahead and when that impromptu gig comes up, you will always have back-up


Show off Your Fun Side with Snapchat and Instagram Stories
:  Turn your Instastories and Snapchat to a reality show by sharing all your fun moments with your friends and be sure to focus on the highlights. Remember people, don’t snap while driving.



3. Take “selfies” “us-fies” “Allfies” and “any fies”! Pictures are the best way to capture a great memory for life. Do it for the ‘gram’!



Get in touch with your friends
: Social media can also be used to stay in touch with friends, family members and loved ones who aren’t close by. Got that friend on the other side of the world, message her, tweet at him, mention them. After all, Christmas is all about love and friendship.

5.Go on a date: Need a date for that dinner? Get on any of the dating apps like Tinder to find the perfect date. You might need to kiss a couple of frogs to find your prince or princess but at least cousin Jolomy won’t be laughing at you for not bringing a date to family gatherings anymore.

6.Meet New People
: Social media is a great tool for meeting new people, making new friends and for networking. Go out there and channel your inner extrovert.



Help a Charity Drive
: The power of social media can’t be over-emphasized. You could start a charity drive for that Orphanage Home close to you by asking people on social media to donate food, clothing, toys, etc. Let others also feel the love.


8. Visit cool websites today like;,,  and stay updated on trends.


Go out there and explore all these awesome tips and thank us later!


Our Black Friday Experience

Black Friday is a borrowed culture that Nigerians have caught on to.  It’s a day when retail prices are slashed to rock bottom levels and this event takes place after The Thanksgiving Day in America, it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

However, for us in Nigeria, it is a period to get good shopping deals although this is quite arguable. Popular e-commerce portals have been known to deceive customers by selling items at the original prices under the guise of sales.

black friday in shoprite

Amidst the various sales and deals for this year’s black Friday, Shoprite sales of 50% off items really caught our attention. With this amazing discount, we thought this was actually going to be the biggest sales in Nigeria and we just had to be there.

We arrived at Shoprite Ikeja, a team of four. We had two missions: First, to cover the shopper experience and secondly to purchase items for ourselves, abi who no like awoof?


The mall was filled with hundreds of shoppers. To move, you had to take tiny steps. The mall’s music was drowned in the noisy atmosphere as everyone had something to say. While some shoppers moved swiftly to the discounted items, others walked away in disappointment having realized that not all items were discounted as they thought.

The mall became a war zone; it was survival of the fittest. The security system became overpowered

by the crowd, a state of emergency was declared; no one was allowed to get in or out.


The queue to the checkout point had its own drama with a long tray of people waiting hours to get attended to. Some shoppers helped themselves by filling their tummy with unpaid items. People tried to wiggle their way to the front while others combined their items with those in front to avoid the long queues.

With frustration written on their faces, the cashier checked out items, argued with shoppers and returned unpaid items.

Making our way out of the mall was a challenge; the crowd outside the mall blocked the entrance as they struggled to get in despite the security effort to observe decorum.




Following our experience here are some tips for next year’s Black Friday:

  1. Check your wish list: Check for the things you want and Take note of the items before purchasing them.
  2. Advanced visit: It’s advised you check out the location of the item you want to purchase.
  3. Survey the lines before joining the queue: If you buy less than ten items, join the queue designated for that. If not, survey the queues. Don’t just focus on the number of people on the queue but consider the number of things they plan to check out. Join the shortest queue based on your survey.
  4. Ensure you have your meal: When going for shopping it’s mandatory that you eat before stepping out.
  5. Double Check: After purchasing what you want, make sure you double check with the cashier before you exit to ensure false items are not inserted.


Bonus Tip: Go early! If possible, line up a day before or sleep in front of the store. It will save you time.


Share your Black Friday experience, if you had any.


It’s Black Friday!

To get the most out of your shopping spree, here are a few tips for shopping on Black Friday: Leave your shame at the door.

This is no place to get embarrassed or shy. This is War! Spartans, are you ready?


2. Don’t go alone. Ever formed Voltron in school? Get your friends or family in on it. Let everyone have a role to play.

You will need the following people:

i. A Defender: The defender is your go to person, who is assigned to help you block others from taking what you want to purchase. (A sharp defender If you ask me)

golden tate rams defender taunt

ii. A Wing man: This person will help distract potential competitors from picking up what you already have in mind from a distance

iii. A Goal Keeper: This guy waits in line for you at the cashier’s stand to ensure you don’t spend time on the queue when your shopping is done

Image result

IV. Getaway driver: This guy will have the car warming up for the quick getaway and successful ride home

3. Put on a pair of comfy slippers in other to move around easily

4. Carry a basket and don’t get a trolley. And if you must hold a trolley, make sure your people are down to hold it for you.

5. Make sure you take selfies  to show your accomplishment.

selfie oscars

Congratulation guys!!! Now you are armed  and ready for the black Friday challenge.

Check out our social pages for our black Friday experience live!

Good luck and happy black Friday in advance.

Where do ideas come from?


No matter what industry you’re in or what your job title is, ideas are important. Whether it’s finding a new way to do something or creating a killer marketing campaign, you need ideas to get there. But they’re not always easy to come by, especially when the pressure is on.
When the clock starts ticking and the expectations are high, it can be hard to think creatively. But, there are ways to generate ideas when the deadline is breathing down your neck.


Good old brainstorming


Brainstorming is an age old tradition in the advertising and marketing world. But it can work for almost anything. The old saying “two heads are better than one” is what the concept of brainstorming is based on. It’s important, however, to remember that these aren’t meetings with solid agendas and talking points. These are sessions designed to fuel creativity.

Brainstorms don’t only have to include the people on the project. You may want to invite people who haven’t been obsessively thinking about the topic for days. Get everyone together and just start chatting. Encourage people to throw any thoughts they have into the mix, no matter how raw or basic.

Free writing


This is a solitary form of brainstorming where you build on your own ideas. It’s pretty simple. Stop thinking too hard and start writing random thoughts. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar (even if you’re a writer). Try techniques like word association. If writing isn’t really your thing, you could doodle or even create mind maps.

Give yourself a set amount of time and look over what you’ve got once that time is up. It’s not likely you’ll find a fully-formed idea in there but you’ll probably get some great inspiration. Free writing is a good way to open up your mind without overthinking the subject at hand.


Hunting for inspiration


Podcasts, blog posts, YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, Twitter accounts… these are all sources of inspiration for new ideas. You may want to get away from what has been done before but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take note of it. You never know, you may find a way to improve on something that has previously been done. Or maybe you will see something that will inspire you to think in a different way. The best part is that you don’t even need to leave your desk because it’s all available online.


Where do your great idea come from? Free feel to share with us?