Getting it right on YouTube!

“Hi guys, welcome to my Youtube channel…” 


The above phrase continually reminds us of the power of videos and why it is the leading content when it comes to engagement with social media audiences. This is why a lot of users – estimated at 1.8 billion, log on to YouTube to engage with the video content on the platform. For the everyday startup vlogger, the question now is: ‘How do I get a percentage of this 1.8 billion YouTube users to engage with my content?’ The answer to that question can be found in the paragraphs below, as we have put together some tips to help drive engagement on your YouTube channel. 


The first tip is one that most people do not pay much attention to and this is the TITLE of the video. Your video title is not just a title but a key to pulling traffic to your content depending on how you use it. In making your video engaging, leveraging on trending topics does the magic. For example, if you want to upload a video on hair content, you can leverage the #DMXchallenge while it is currently trending and title your video, ‘How to style your hair in more ways than the #DMXchallenge’. This automatically puts your video along with other videos in that category, potentially pulling traffic to your video. 


In the same vein, make use of your description box effectively. Do not just drop your title and your name there and assume you are good to go. Write out your description using keywords that are related to your content. Use lots and lots of keywords. This cannot be overemphasized. It is these keywords that will determine the users that your video will be suggested to. So, henceforth, make sure not to shy away from the description box but rather, go all out.


The phrase, ‘content is king’ is not just a saying for the internet but also a pointer to the importance of content and how it is used across the different social media platforms. Your content has to be interesting and of good quality. Trends, keywords, and a great title can only get people to check out your content. Only interesting content and quality images can retain their interest. It’s advisable to decide on the title first and then create content in that direction. It is dangerous for your video if your content in no way matches your title. They have to be in sync.


So, you have recorded your video and now, it’s time to upload. This is the point when the ‘PREMIERE’ button comes in handy. It helps build up anticipation for users who have subscribed to your account. It sends constant reminders to your subscribers that you are about to upload a video and prompts them to watch the video. It equally makes use of a countdown to build the momentum for your video. The advantage of this is that it prompts all your subscribers to come online at the same time to watch your video as opposed to seeing it differently on their own time. This increases your engagement and pushes your video to a larger audience.


Finally, the effects of the call to action cannot be overestimated. You just have to know how to use them. For example, a call to subscribe should not be at the end of the video but rather at the beginning or in between the video. In asking them to subscribe, make them anticipate an upcoming video. This will encourage users to click the subscribe button. Also, asking users to comment on a post might not really work as much as asking a question and asking them to drop their replies in the comment section. 


Now that you have learned how to get it right on YouTube, go out there and start vlogging. And of course, when you start seeing the results, make sure to send a shoutout our way.


By Lilian Williams on
  • Icha Ann

    This was quite educative. I never knew keywords in the description box helps to make a video more visible to more people on YouTube. I
    thought twas just Instagram and Twitter. Thanks guys.