A growing number of Nigerian businesses and digital marketing agencies use Instagram for community engagement and marketing. Presently, there are over 5 million registered Nigerian accounts on Instagram and the social media platform is expected to soon reach unprecedented adoption rates.

One of the major factors that have hugely contributed to Instagram’s success is that the social media platform is able to adapt and introduce new features every now and then. These innovations have been largely successful. Just a few days ago Instagram introduced a new feature that has grabbed the attention of brands and agencies. The feature lets a user stream live Instagram broadcasts with a friend in split-screen mode!

This is assuredly an engaging idea—live videos are one of the best ways businesses interact authentically with their followers. Even better, with the new split-screen feature businesses can “Go Live With”:

Ambassadors / Influencers:

      • Digital Ad Agencies and Brands will be able to use ambassadors and influencers’ deep and thorough understanding of audiences to their advantage. This will allow both influencers and brands to engage with their audiences on a shared live broadcast to followers.


  • The new feature presents a new way for brands to leverage on the growing trend of live streaming to engage with their fans on shared-screen.


  • Provide better storytelling about offline events by broadcasting different camera angles about an object or activity from one or more locations.



These 3 ideas on how to leverage Instagram “Go Live With” are just the start. I am certain that you can find another few practices that you can use this new feature for your content marketing and community engagement strategy.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Instagram “Go Live With” and how you will approach this latest update.


Guest Post by:

Henry Igwe

Digital Marketing Professional



By Joke Adegoke on