How to create awesome design for social media

Design plays a major role in promoting your products especially on social media; With such a short attention span, people hardly get the time to read stories, but the perfect image is enough to get them glued. Like the English idiom says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, with a good design, you are good to go. From Facebook to Instagram even down to Twitter, all social media platforms are dependent on good designs so if you want to boost your online presence, get good designs. That’s a great start!

How do you create good designs? Here are some tips on creating a good design for social media.


Understand your message:

To create a good design, you need to know what exactly you are designing, who your target audience are and what the brand really represents. If you don’t understand the message, there is clearly nothing you can do. Make sure you understand the message.

Have a brand guide:

It is imperative to have brand guidelines regarding your logo, color palette, logo size and placement

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Know  your size:

There are different design format sizes for different social media platforms; what it takes to design for Instagram is not the same for Twitter. Get the right size for the right social media platform.


Get the right image to convey your message:

Images are a major part of your design, there is a need to carefully select the right image. Use images that bring out your message and that passes the right message to your audience and even the brand.

Pick a good color scheme

Colors are very important in the world of design; it is what gives your design the beautiful result. Use colors that contrast and distinguish your message e.g. don’t use a black background and grey color for the message, the message will be lost. Instead, you could use white in this case to bring out the content. Carefully select the color and use colors that depict the brand.

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Clear and legible Typography:

While designing, use a great font palate; let your font be legible and clear. Use fonts that the eyes can see clearly and can read very well, avoid using curvy fonts unnecessarily and be consistent with your fonts.

Structure your message in terms of priority:

Get the right hierarchy while designing to make sure you are drawing their attention to the main message. The real message should be bolder and other elements less prominent; that way, people get to see what is bolder first.

Finally, here’s easily the best of all these tips: Keep It Simple!  It was Albert Einstein who said; “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” It is so easy to get carried away with different images, fonts and all of that but at the end of the day, simple is always the best when it comes to design. Don’t make your designs so clumsy, keep it very simple.

By Joke Adegoke on