Let’s Talk BBNaija ”Double Wahala” Strategy


Strategy is a word that is often used in the Big Brother House worldwide, and that hasn’t changed in this season of Big brother ‘’Double Wahala’’.  Although it seems this year, the reason is for a lack of it.

Using Efe as a case study we will explore the different elements of a good strategy.

Efe understood Nigerians connected to  Grass to Grace Stories and used that to his advantage to strategically win the last season of Big Brother Naija ‘’See Gobe’’.

However, this season, the housemates just seem to be taking each day as it comes. There is no overarching strategy. Why are we so sure? Because there are 5 key elements that make a strategy good enough:

  1. The Product: The first step in the right direction is an understanding of the product. What exactly are you selling? What is the aim? What are you trying to communicate? Perception is reality. In Efe’s case, the product was an idea, a perception. Efe understood who he was and what being the most influential housemate meant and he used that to be the best. He sold us ‘the Warri boy brand’, his popular catchphrase – ‘based on logistics’ which we all bought into. When you understand your product, you easily can get people to buy into it.
  2. Target market/audience: Now that you know your product, the next phase is understanding who this product is tailored for. Who would buy this product? Why would they buy it? It is important to realize that no product is made for everybody. Everybody cannot be your target market. Not everybody liked Efe. Focus on the people you want. What do they like? Where are they? How do they behave? What are they currently saying? What would spur them to take action? Once you can answer these questions, you are halfway there. Ensure you back the answers with facts. Many Nigerians easily identify with the street, the hustle, and dreams. Efe played the role well and communicated in pidgin most of the time and literally tore his shirt in one of the episodes, even though he graduated with a first class in economics. Efe understood that the average Nigerian who watches BBnaija is young, loves entertainment believes in himself and is not necessarily born with a silver spoon. The first impression he gave Nigerians lasted in the heart of Nigerians. Your target audience is the most important factor in strategizing, they determine your profitability.
  3. Map out your plan: Your plan is often based on the insights you get while understanding your target market. You need to map out your plan and how to go about, if need be adjust the plan but don’t deviate from your plan. This plan would help create a sticky brand! This needs to be communicated at every point. He stood out and his plan was clear from the moment he stepped in.
  4. Competition: The greatest mistake you can make in marketing is ignoring your competition, you need to understand the strength and weakness of your competition, Efe knew his competition in the house and he was able to stay ahead of them by leveraging on their weakness. Map out ideas that will beat your competition hands down.
  5. Community: Build a community of people who share your objectives and you can work with, Efe had a great community, asides leveraging his warri roots, his team gained the support of celebrities, who began to advocate for him and resulted in ‘Team Efe’ trending on social media. When you have a loyal community marketing becomes effective. He found a great team in Marvis and Bisola, who rooted for him even though they were competitors.

BBNaija See Gobe was mega inspiring, we can’t wait to see the outcome of ‘’Double Wahala’’. If you think any housemate has a winning strategy, tell us.

By Lilian Williams on