The office Ms Fix-it (aka Admin)

An admin department is definitely a necessity. Someone has to keep fixing stuff so work can get done. So, on a typical work day, I am wondering what’s gone broke, how many people are competing for our dear old pool car and driver, who needs a bigger space for a presentation, how many birthday cakes to order for the week or why the internet is so slow!


The above are just a few of the things I have to contend with on an ongoing basis but guess what? I absolutely love what I do. It’s great knowing that every day I come to work, for every time I carry out any of the above tasks and more. I make a huge difference in the success of each and every employee. It is surely a glorious feeling to be considered a valued resource and go-to person for the organization. And I am not ready to let anyone down, not yet, not ever!


Now, don’t blame me if sometimes I act like the office ‘chief whip’ (and don’t you dare call it ‘’, a few similarities maybe but still not the same thing). You know, working closely with HR means I have to keep an eye on the processes and procedures. It is the reason why one of my biggest strengths is multitasking. I wouldn’t survive a day at work if I didn’t feel like I got an extra pair of limbs.


But then, it ain’t always that easy getting things done. Battling with unclear communication is a huge challenge as it adds unnecessary hours to the already constrained time I have. What about the constant! Argh! You could have made that request a couple hours earlier so I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken! Never mind. I still got a problem to solve and solve it I will. However, working magic with limited resources on a regular basis takes the cake. I think by now, someone should have solved that perennial management problem of demands forever exceeding available resources. Nonetheless, this is one aspect of my job that keeps my creative juices flowing. I keep discovering every day, the amazing truth that one could do so much with so little. I have to confess that I get swollen headed and usually give myself a well-deserved pat on the back, anytime I am rewarded with a smile from a satisfied customer!


So, you will agree with me that no matter how small a business is, an admin department is definitely a necessity. Someone has to keep fixing stuff so work can get done with minimal distractions. Or don’t you agree?