Social Media Hacks for a Memorable Holiday

Did you know you can increase your social media net worth this holiday with the following social media hacks?

The Christmas Holidays is a great time to kick back, get time off work and spend time with loved ones( and social media *wink*).  At Interactive CT, we understand the value of communicating and networking which is why we are sharing these awesome ways to increase your social media net worth this holiday:

Have a “Holidays” Group Chat
: Being in a group chat with your awesome friends ensures you don’t get bored. You can plan fun activities days ahead and when that impromptu gig comes up, you will always have back-up


Show off Your Fun Side with Snapchat and Instagram Stories
:  Turn your Instastories and Snapchat to a reality show by sharing all your fun moments with your friends and be sure to focus on the highlights. Remember people, don’t snap while driving.



3. Take “selfies” “us-fies” “Allfies” and “any fies”! Pictures are the best way to capture a great memory for life. Do it for the ‘gram’!



Get in touch with your friends
: Social media can also be used to stay in touch with friends, family members and loved ones who aren’t close by. Got that friend on the other side of the world, message her, tweet at him, mention them. After all, Christmas is all about love and friendship.

5.Go on a date: Need a date for that dinner? Get on any of the dating apps like Tinder to find the perfect date. You might need to kiss a couple of frogs to find your prince or princess but at least cousin Jolomy won’t be laughing at you for not bringing a date to family gatherings anymore.

6.Meet New People
: Social media is a great tool for meeting new people, making new friends and for networking. Go out there and channel your inner extrovert.



Help a Charity Drive
: The power of social media can’t be over-emphasized. You could start a charity drive for that Orphanage Home close to you by asking people on social media to donate food, clothing, toys, etc. Let others also feel the love.


8. Visit cool websites today like;,,  and stay updated on trends.


Go out there and explore all these awesome tips and thank us later!