The Magic In Music

About 4.30pm one sunny afternoon, I felt my usual itch to listen to As I hummed my way through a plethora of songs, I realized each song made me feel a certain way and communicated differently, my inner most thoughts.

So many times, we hear music is universal, but what does it really mean?

How diverse is music in relation to personalities?

Is there a reason why some prefer a certain genre over another?

What’s the relationship between music and moods?

I thought it would be nice to find out how different people relate to music and decided to ask a few colleagues. Here’s what they had to say:

Music is my soul mate – Joke

Music is life, it’s happiness and madness – Ade

I’d rather be in prison with music than be free without it. – Mr. Samson

Music is the key to unleashing the unknown me – Henry

Music keeps me alive – Babatunde

Music is my master pill – Blessing

Music is an escape because it takes me to a different era – Tola.

Music is a connection, it takes you somewhere. It’s a synergy of sounds when you get chills – Tayo

Music is an escape because I start to imagine things and relax – Lilian

Going from the responses above, every single person related music to how it made them feel.

For me, I’ll say music is a personal expression that inspires a thought or action. Your choice of music reflects who you are, your lows and highs. Music colors the soul, giving life to our thoughts and feelings.

It breathes life to buried feelings or situations; it heals broken souls and elevates moods. It creates a sense of belonging, where one can connect the singer and lyrics to personal situations.

What is music to you?