Merry Christmas From The MatchMakers

Merry Christmas to you all! It’s Christmas and we’re excited! It’s the time to be reflective and thankful for all the good things we experienced throughout the year. We the Matchmakers wish you our partners, friends, and followers an amazing holiday. Meanwhile, here’s our Christmas inspired photoshoot to show you how much we love and value our never ending relationship. Don’t forget to tweet, tag and mention us in your all fun activities this holiday.

Merry Christmas from the triplet

Merry christmas, good kisses



We look forward in working with you next year! Merry Christmas!

Social Media Hacks for a Memorable Holiday

Did you know you can increase your social media net worth this holiday with the following social media hacks?

The Christmas Holidays is a great time to kick back, get time off work and spend time with loved ones( and social media *wink*).  At Interactive CT, we understand the value of communicating and networking which is why we are sharing these awesome ways to increase your social media net worth this holiday:

Have a “Holidays” Group Chat
: Being in a group chat with your awesome friends ensures you don’t get bored. You can plan fun activities days ahead and when that impromptu gig comes up, you will always have back-up


Show off Your Fun Side with Snapchat and Instagram Stories
:  Turn your Instastories and Snapchat to a reality show by sharing all your fun moments with your friends and be sure to focus on the highlights. Remember people, don’t snap while driving.



3. Take “selfies” “us-fies” “Allfies” and “any fies”! Pictures are the best way to capture a great memory for life. Do it for the ‘gram’!



Get in touch with your friends
: Social media can also be used to stay in touch with friends, family members and loved ones who aren’t close by. Got that friend on the other side of the world, message her, tweet at him, mention them. After all, Christmas is all about love and friendship.

5.Go on a date: Need a date for that dinner? Get on any of the dating apps like Tinder to find the perfect date. You might need to kiss a couple of frogs to find your prince or princess but at least cousin Jolomy won’t be laughing at you for not bringing a date to family gatherings anymore.

6.Meet New People
: Social media is a great tool for meeting new people, making new friends and for networking. Go out there and channel your inner extrovert.



Help a Charity Drive
: The power of social media can’t be over-emphasized. You could start a charity drive for that Orphanage Home close to you by asking people on social media to donate food, clothing, toys, etc. Let others also feel the love.


8. Visit cool websites today like;,,  and stay updated on trends.


Go out there and explore all these awesome tips and thank us later!



It’s Black Friday!

To get the most out of your shopping spree, here are a few tips for shopping on Black Friday: Leave your shame at the door.

This is no place to get embarrassed or shy. This is War! Spartans, are you ready?


2. Don’t go alone. Ever formed Voltron in school? Get your friends or family in on it. Let everyone have a role to play.

You will need the following people:

i. A Defender: The defender is your go to person, who is assigned to help you block others from taking what you want to purchase. (A sharp defender If you ask me)

golden tate rams defender taunt

ii. A Wing man: This person will help distract potential competitors from picking up what you already have in mind from a distance

iii. A Goal Keeper: This guy waits in line for you at the cashier’s stand to ensure you don’t spend time on the queue when your shopping is done

Image result

IV. Getaway driver: This guy will have the car warming up for the quick getaway and successful ride home

3. Put on a pair of comfy slippers in other to move around easily

4. Carry a basket and don’t get a trolley. And if you must hold a trolley, make sure your people are down to hold it for you.

5. Make sure you take selfies  to show your accomplishment.

selfie oscars

Congratulation guys!!! Now you are armed  and ready for the black Friday challenge.

Check out our social pages for our black Friday experience live!

Good luck and happy black Friday in advance.

Google Spaces: The Next Best Thing?

Google is obviously not backing out from social media. The one-time undisputed web champion launched Google+ to compete on the social media but so far, it hasn’t been so impressive. We suppose the failure of Google+ has prompted Google to launch another social media platform called ‘Spaces’.

We installed the app and here’s our review.


The first thing you notice about Spaces is that it is designed to allow a network of people communicate about any topic that interests them, in any format they choose.  Spaces is just about you and your select few who are in your ‘”space” to talk about your subject, whatever it is. Now, its application transcends student groups tackling a professor’s assignment to a small start-up discussing marketing and advertising.



Unlike other platforms that are quite clumsy in integrating different formats and files – we love twitter but sometimes 140 characters is a limitation; Instagram is built for images, so sharing and opening links is quite difficult – Spaces allows users to discuss in images, videos, web link, loops that can easily be accessed.



The icing on the cake, Spaces comes with these complimentary features. We don’t need to explain the utility of these features, it’s just comforting to know that you can use these features on your space without leaving or exiting the app to a YouTube video. You can do this while on your space “without missing a beat”.


That being said about the features, there are a host of criticisms for Spaces and Google from the tech community. First, it is said that hundreds of platforms like this already exist, why must Google spend its time building another one? Another critic is of the opinion that Google should just stick to what it knows best and what works for it – web search. According to the critic, ‘Besides, Google has not yet given me a reason to abandon Whatsapp group chat for Spaces’- now this comment got us, but who are we to say?

With over a thousand downloads on Play Store in 24 hours, it’s no doubt a slow start for Spaces but only time will tell if it will gain traction and momentum over time, probably enough momentum to give Facebook a good run or it will be yet another futile attempt by Google to get a slice of the social media pie – only time will tell!



Image source


Last month, Instagram’s post notification update caused an online uproar which many are yet to understand. According to Instagram, “to improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” What Instagram is saying is that they are abandoning the chronological feed the app has used since its inception. All the Instagram posts that you love to see and share will still be there, just in a different order based on this new algorithm.


Just like everyone else, we have decided to weigh in on this development; some of us think it’s quite unnecessary while others think it’s an impressive idea.


Here’s what we, the Matchmakers, think:


“It looks like a move made with the intention of growing their advertising spend. Facebook did the same thing. Let’s wait and see.” –  Velma Richards (Media Planning & Buying)


“My opinion, it is a welcome idea as it means I get to know what’s trending online and stop seeing posts that don’t make sense.” – Edmund Adegbotolu (Business Development)



“It’s upsetting, as posts will no longer show in a chronological order. If someone posts something on their feed, you need to go and search for the post. Long thing!” – Bimpe Odulana (Account Manager & Strategy)


“I think this new update is unnecessary. The popular posts will get more popular and those trying to get more likes will get less likes and stay unrecognized forever.” – Samson Adewole (User Experience)


“I don’t like the idea of the most liked and the most popular posts coming up first on my Instagram timeline. I think it’s unfair and it doesn’t give everyone equal chances to be seen.” – Victoria Olaifa (Community Manager)

When will we be seeing this change? Instagram says we will be seeing this change in the coming months; however, they will take time to get it right and listen to our feedback along the way.

How do you survive this change as a business? Keep creating great content, post a lot of videos and support your great content with advertising to raise your popularity.

Till then, we observe.


Don’t Forget To Hashtag

The power of hashtag lies in its accessibility. A hashtag is a word or phrase without spaces preceded with the # symbol and can be easily searched for based on individual interests on a social media platform1. As a brand running a digital marketing campaign on social media, the hashtag is a crucial part of the success of the campaign.


A typical example is the recent Valentine #iLoveMeToo contest we conducted on Instagram for the Dark and Lovely brand. The contest was centered on promoting self-love using #ILoveMeToo to share self-appreciation stories. The primary purpose of the contest was to increase brand awareness, engagement and reward the Dark and Lovely fans. Fans qualified to enter for the contest by mentioning 10 things they loved about themselves and using the hashtag #ILoveMeToo.




  • To Generate Buzz

When running contests or giveaways on social media, it is important to use a general hashtag whenever the contest is mentioned2. The hashtag will engage  followers and increase the post reach beyond current followers to their friends and people who search the hashtag directly or stumble on the post.


  • For Brand Awareness

Developing a unique hashtag for your brand can increase brand awareness, especially when it’s used consistently. Hashtags are a great way to promote and bring together updates across your brand’s social media pages .

For example, when sponsoring live events and sharing real time updates, followers and people interested in the event can easily follow the hashtag on social platforms. This could increase the brand’s fan base as more people are likely to see your pages and follow your brand online.3

Instagram and twitter are central to the success of your campaigns when you use hashtags. However, Facebook posts should have fewer hashtags as the fewer the hashtag, the better the post performs4.


  • To build conversations

Hashtags may also serve as conversation starters where they may become trends that are popular for a period of time. #ElloBae by FalzTheBahdGuy is an example of a conversation starting hashtag. Also, jumping on popular trending hashtags may be a good way to push your message and joining in on the conversation to engage your followers. This however may not be the case if the trending hashtag topic is in direct conflict with your brand values. 


  • To monitor the success of your campaign

Adding consistent hashtags to your social media updates particularly on Twitter and Instagram can allow you monitor how well your content is performing5.  It is important to use a hashtag that other brands aren’t using, something fairly unique to your brand. This would increase the likelihood of you seeing what people are saying about your brand and when. It will enable you to tailor your content better and consequently build a larger audience of loyal fans. According to BufferSocial, tweets with one or more hashtag are 55 percent more likely to be retweeted and consequently would enhance the performance of your campaigns6.



  • Be Unique

Hashtags are used to raise brand awareness with a unique brand tag or to promote a specific event or campaign. The more unique a hashtag is, the easier it is to monitor and the more likely it is that your brand is found on social media. Analyzing your hashtag is key to monitoring its success. You need to know how many impressions it’s getting, how many tweets it’s being used in, how many people are using it and more. To make sure you can attribute all these statistics to your campaign, you need to make sure nobody else is using it. This is the only way to ensure the figures you’re seeing are exclusively derived by your campaign.  Sometimes it is ok to hijack an existing hashtag as long as you are adding value to the conversation. Don’t pick a hashtag that is too vague or common, it would dilute the essence of the hashtag7.


  • Less is more

Keeping your hashtags short is more often than not, easier said than done. Once you start to see that your hashtags are yielding results, it can be tempting to overdo. Be warned though, while social media is notorious for moving on quickly, this is only true to a point8. No one should hold a new hashtag campaign every week. It’s fine to use them with every post, but give people a chance to take one idea at a time.


  • Make it relevant

It is ideal that your hashtags should be relevant to your brand, your brand essence and your campaign messaging. This gives it more visibility and increases the chances of your hashtag been useful even in the future. If you choose a hashtag that is versatile it will serve its purpose and still have a shelf life without getting redundant because it’s not in use9.


  • Make it conversational

Whenever you can make your hashtags conversational, do so. You can fit it into sentences especially on twitter and Instagram. It would definitely widen your reach


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