6 Key Factors that Influence Website Ranking

Achieving high ranking for your business website on the Google Search Engine’s result page can be the missing link to your business success. According to WordStream report in 2016, about 72% of consumers who did an online local search visited a store within five miles.

To benefit from the opportunities of Search Engine Marketing, businesses must work towards optimizing their search engine presence. They must consider certain factors which determine how web pages and contents are ranked. Some of these factors can be complex and dynamic. Consequently, search engine optimization is better left to professionals who devote their lives tracking and learning about the patterns and changes. However, there are basic practices that have remained through the years.

As one of the best SEO companies in Nigeria, our aim is to show you the most important factors you should pay attention to if you want to improve your website’s ranking.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Ensure Google Analytics and Search Console is setup as soon as your website goes live and ready for the users to visit. These two tools are offered by Google to help you sort out issues related to your website, monitor traffic and see keyword rankings among so many other things. Fortunately, these two tools are free. The biggest advantage of installing these tools right from the start is you get all the information you need from the onset.

Search Engines Crawling, Indexing & Ranking

Your website may not get indexed by search engines in its early days.  In that case, you might need to manually get your website indexed. The reason is to make sure that all important search engines know about your website’s existence. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are few of the search engines out there. There are hundreds of search engines you can submit your website too. The more the number of submissions, the greater your traffic would be. Therefore, do not consider any search unimportant. However, make sure you do not submit your website to spamming websites.

Valuable Keywords:

keyword is fundamental to SEO. Keywords are the phrases people use when searching for information relating to your business, products, and services online. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the way you would describe your business is the same way your customers search for you online. For example, someone trying to buy a shirt online might start their search using the phrase “clothing stores”. Therefore, when you’re trying to get the keyword phrase to use on your website, it is important that you seek to understand how users find your website.

Original and Unique Content:

Content is still King. Search engines exist for the major purpose of bringing relevant information to the people who need them. If you have a website that lacks good content then you have little or no chance of getting visibility on search engines. Your content can be in different forms e.g. video, image, audio, and text. Getting good content is easy. You need to make sure that whatever information exists on your website is relevant to your niche and what your customers might find useful. With Google’s various updates the focus is on quality and unique contents as the only way to get more visibility on the web.

Quality Links:

Links are still valuable to websites ranking. Links are like references to your website. Google’s algorithm was built around links. The more links you have, the higher you see your website gets displayed on Google search results.

While getting more links is crucial, the types of links you get are important. You want to get links that are relevant to your niche and from authority websites. Getting links from authority websites will shoot your ranking to the top very fast.

Website Usability:

The experience of your users when they use your website is of importance to Google. Website usability refers to the ease with which people can use a website in order to achieve their goal. The idea of a website is for people who are interested in what you have to offer or say; not machines. Google measures such things like your bounce rate, the number of broken links on your website, your website page speed and mobile compatibility. All these combined together will determine how easy it is for your users to make use of your website.


Achieving good ranking is a slow but easy method if done properly. The benefits to your business are invaluable.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It involves intelligent mix of strategies and tactics in an ever changing field.

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Google Spaces: The Next Best Thing?

Google is obviously not backing out from social media. The one-time undisputed web champion launched Google+ to compete on the social media but so far, it hasn’t been so impressive. We suppose the failure of Google+ has prompted Google to launch another social media platform called ‘Spaces’.

We installed the app and here’s our review.


The first thing you notice about Spaces is that it is designed to allow a network of people communicate about any topic that interests them, in any format they choose.  Spaces is just about you and your select few who are in your ‘”space” to talk about your subject, whatever it is. Now, its application transcends student groups tackling a professor’s assignment to a small start-up discussing marketing and advertising.



Unlike other platforms that are quite clumsy in integrating different formats and files – we love twitter but sometimes 140 characters is a limitation; Instagram is built for images, so sharing and opening links is quite difficult – Spaces allows users to discuss in images, videos, web link, loops that can easily be accessed.



The icing on the cake, Spaces comes with these complimentary features. We don’t need to explain the utility of these features, it’s just comforting to know that you can use these features on your space without leaving or exiting the app to a YouTube video. You can do this while on your space “without missing a beat”.


That being said about the features, there are a host of criticisms for Spaces and Google from the tech community. First, it is said that hundreds of platforms like this already exist, why must Google spend its time building another one? Another critic is of the opinion that Google should just stick to what it knows best and what works for it – web search. According to the critic, ‘Besides, Google has not yet given me a reason to abandon Whatsapp group chat for Spaces’- now this comment got us, but who are we to say?

With over a thousand downloads on Play Store in 24 hours, it’s no doubt a slow start for Spaces but only time will tell if it will gain traction and momentum over time, probably enough momentum to give Facebook a good run or it will be yet another futile attempt by Google to get a slice of the social media pie – only time will tell!



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