Google Spaces: The Next Best Thing?

Google is obviously not backing out from social media. The one-time undisputed web champion launched Google+ to compete on the social media but so far, it hasn’t been so impressive. We suppose the failure of Google+ has prompted Google to launch another social media platform called ‘Spaces’.

We installed the app and here’s our review.


The first thing you notice about Spaces is that it is designed to allow a network of people communicate about any topic that interests them, in any format they choose.  Spaces is just about you and your select few who are in your ‘”space” to talk about your subject, whatever it is. Now, its application transcends student groups tackling a professor’s assignment to a small start-up discussing marketing and advertising.



Unlike other platforms that are quite clumsy in integrating different formats and files – we love twitter but sometimes 140 characters is a limitation; Instagram is built for images, so sharing and opening links is quite difficult – Spaces allows users to discuss in images, videos, web link, loops that can easily be accessed.



The icing on the cake, Spaces comes with these complimentary features. We don’t need to explain the utility of these features, it’s just comforting to know that you can use these features on your space without leaving or exiting the app to a YouTube video. You can do this while on your space “without missing a beat”.


That being said about the features, there are a host of criticisms for Spaces and Google from the tech community. First, it is said that hundreds of platforms like this already exist, why must Google spend its time building another one? Another critic is of the opinion that Google should just stick to what it knows best and what works for it – web search. According to the critic, ‘Besides, Google has not yet given me a reason to abandon Whatsapp group chat for Spaces’- now this comment got us, but who are we to say?

With over a thousand downloads on Play Store in 24 hours, it’s no doubt a slow start for Spaces but only time will tell if it will gain traction and momentum over time, probably enough momentum to give Facebook a good run or it will be yet another futile attempt by Google to get a slice of the social media pie – only time will tell!



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