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We are a digital marketing firm that takes pride in working with some of the best brands across a range of industries. Our impressive client list includes GSK, Dark and Lovely, KFC, Vetifly, LSETF, DBN, Haansbro, Maybelline, Jaiz Bank, Coronation Bank, Chi Hollandia and more. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these outstanding companies and are committed to delivering exceptional results through our strategic digital marketing solutions.

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Wema Interactive CT Digital Communication Lagos

Wema Bank New Look

Due to factors such as age and inability to keep up with trends in the banking industry, Wema Bank was perceived as archaic, irrelevant, and incapable of connecting with an evolving youth market. 

Wema Bank approached us to help them reposition their brand as a more responsive, modern and innovative banking institution targeted at millennials.


SHARP SULE: An online game that kept users constantly interacting with the brand on social media platforms, first in a bid to win gifts, and thereafter, to engage with the ingenuity of the product.

Heritage Bank Relaunch

Due to the change in brand identity and the lack of brand awareness, Heritage Bank needed to be reintroduced to Nigerians.

They also wanted to create a niche for their brand which will differentiate them from all the other banking institutions in Nigeria that were focusing on appearing ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’.


INVENT HERITAGE: Heritage Bank, helping our customers every step of the way to build on the timeless wealth passed to us by our previous generation to create a heritage which will be passed on to our descendants.

Heritage Bank Interactive CT Digital Communication Lagos
Maybelline Interactive CT Digital Communication Lagos

Maybelline Launch

Maybelline planned to introduce their brand to the Nigerian market through the launch of their flagship product, the Colossal Kajal. This would help them raise awareness and engender positive association for the brand.

Maybelline also needed localized content for communicating with the Nigerian target audience while still sticking to the Maybelline “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” brand essence.


THE BEAUTY REVOLUTION: A movement where Maybelline is presented as a brand from New York changing how make-up is consumed in Nigeria while recruiting brand loyalist and evangelists.