Meet the incomparable Match Makers!

Can’t make matches without these Matchmakers.

Tola CEO Interactive CT Lagos Nigeria

Tola Obi

Managing Director

With her finger on the pulse of all things trending, she’s the cool cat behind the scenes. Always with a mischievous grin and a knack for creating buzz that will make the Beyhive proud.

Sarat Abdulwahab

Finance and Admin

Friends from Uni call her Corporate Alhaja! Others, Funky Alhaja. She is usually cool, calm and collected. Loves romcoms, good food, good music and good vibes.

Interactive CT Digital Marketing Lagos

Ajoke Baruwa

Human Resources and Administration

No drama, world traveller, adventurous and

Filesade Bernard

Traffic Manager

AKA ‘File No Delay’! There will be no hold-up on my watch. Keeping it smooth and hassle-free like it’s Sunday morning.

Damilola Adedeji

Account Manager

Resourceful, self-driven and highly focused on achieving outstanding results.

Chukwuemeka Anigbogu

Media Manager

Digital media buyer extraordinaire! He’s got a playlist that would make any DJ envious, and his gaming skills are as sharp as his taste in TV series. He’s also a die-hard Chelsea fan and an unapologetic Rihanna stan.

Interactive CT Marketing Communication Lagos

Toluwani Abiola-Awe

Account Manager

Adrenaline Junkie with a passion for building meaningful relationships with clients and effective campaigns for brands.

Mercy Onyeamaechi Darlington

Asst. Media Manager

The picture-perfect girl. When she’s not running campaigns, you can find her running commentary in a theatre close to you.

Ololade Okunoren

Art Director

Oh, you think art is your ally. But you merely adopted it; I was born in it, moulded by it.

Inyene Etoedia

User Interface (UI) Designer

I create thoughtful visuals for brands.The bags under my eyes are designs.

Odinachukwu Igbudu

User Interface (UI) Designer

Graphic design is my passion. Married to Photoshop.

Ajoku Amarachi

User Interface (UI) Designer

Master pixel pusher and all-around awesome creative. Out here making dope art and apps like it’s nobody’s business!

Imisioluwa Sulaiman

Head, Content & Community Management

Wandering, but not lost. Enjoying every twist and turn.

Ibrahim Owodina

Community Manager

I spend more hours on screens than you can imagine. The unseen voice behind some of your favourite brands.

Adejoke Adegoke

Community Manager

Blissfully living life!

Olakunle Sanni

Community Manager

You’ll find me where cinephiles and melophiles dwell.